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Industrial Chemistry students from the Compte de Rius Secondary School visit the Ercros factory in Vila-seca II

Vila-seca, 19 May 2023. - A group of first-year students from the industrial chemistry upper level training cycle at the Compte de Rius secondary school visited the Vila-seca II factory of the Ercros Tarragona complex.

Foto Visita VIla-seca II

The visit began with a presentation by Gonzalo Quintilla, head of operations at the factory, and Ricard Saez, head of the PVC plant. During the talk, the Ercros technicians explained to the students the main characteristics of the company and the production processes at the Tarragona complex.

Afterwards, the group of students, accompanied by Gonzalo Quintilla and Ricard Saez, toured the factory facilities to learn about the technical process of PVC manufacturing.

Ercros is the largest Spanish manufacturer of PVC, a highly versatile plastic polymer with countless applications in the construction sector, the food industry and the health sector.

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