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Board of directors

The main function of the Ercros board of directors is to carry out the governance of the company, concentrating its efforts on the supervisory task, and the basic principle governing its actions is to maximize the value of the company. Of the five members comprising the board, four belong to the category of external directors and, of these, two are independent.

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 Antoni Zabalza board-ENG


Lourdes Vega board-ENG

 Carme Moragues board-ENG2

 Joan Casas board-ENG  
Laureano roldan board-ENG

Eduardo Sanchez board-ENG


 Daniel Ripley board-ENG



Audit committee

Name Position Type
Carme Moragues Josa Chairman independent
Lourdes Vega Fernández Director Independent
Laureano Roldán Aguilar Director External


Internal audit service


Compliance Commitee

Xavier Alvarez board-ENG3   Xavier Alvarez board-ENG3 Asuncion Loste board-ENG  


Appointments and remuneration committee

Name Position Type
Lourdes Vega Fernández Chairman Independent
Carme Moragues Josa Director Independent
Eduardo Sánchez Morrondo Director External


Strategy and investment commission

Name Position Type
Antonio Zabalza Martí Chairman Executive
Lourdes Vega Fernández Director Independient
Joan Casas Galofré Director Dominical



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