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Chemical solutions

The chip in your computer, the seat in your car, the water that you drink and that in your swimming pool, the hose you use to water your plants, the light switch, the washing detergent, the bottle containing the perfume you adore, your trainers and the tablet that you are going to give your child... Before they reach you, all these products have at some point in their manufacturing process passed through our hands. 

We invite you to find out more about them.


chlorine-derivatives intermediate chemicals pharmaceuticals

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Did you know that?

  • Thanks to the chlorine our life expectancy has increased 50 years within the period of a century
  • Placing PVC joinery in your home you can save up to 45% of energy
  • With a shelf made from formaldehyde resins we save two trees
  • A single dose of azithromycin is enough to eliminate yaws, a tropical disease affecting children in developing countries, producing them ulcers and bone deformities.


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