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Ercros commitment to its water treatment range

15 June 2012. - In a bid by Ercros to help strengthen the water treatment industry, the company is focusing its efforts in R & D toward improving the properties and uses of products in this market. Thanks to this effort, the company has developed new applications for sodium chlorite as a biocide, and has patented some new tablets used in the treatment of water in swimming pools without boric acid.

Ercros is promoting the use of sodium chlorite as a biocide in the desalination process of seawater.  This is a field seeing new action and expansion, in which the use of sodium chlorite is highly recommended in the primary disinfection stages, since these facilities have a high risk of formation of trihalomethanes (THM) due to high content of bromides in seawater. Similarly, the use of sodium chlorite is advantageous for inhibiting deposits of microorganisms in the osmosis membranes of water purification plants.

THMs are volatile chemical compounds that are generated during the water purification process, from the reaction of as yet untreated organic matter with the biocides used to disinfect it. In recent years, European legislation has reduced the allowable level of THMs in water for human consumption.

The department of R&D at Ercros is also working on the development of sodium chlorite as pest control for the zebra mussel, which is seriously impeding water intake in river basins, particularly in the area around the mouth of the Ebro. In collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, the company has tested the effectiveness of sodium chlorite both in eliminating the larvae, and the control of adult specimens— with excellent results.

Ercros has also patented some new tablets for treating swimming pool water without boric acid, using a formula of its own fabrication. The new tablets improve user safety and anticipate any possible regulatory changes in European regulations. The improvement ushered in by Ercros' tablets was awarded with a special mention for sustainability at the International Swimming Pool Fair '11, held in Barcelona.

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