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The Tarragona Industrial Complex of Ercros celebrates the XIII Sustainability Conferences

December 5th,2014.- From October 11th to November 14th, almost the entire staff of the three factories forming the Tarragona Industrial Complex (Tarragona, Vila-seca I and Vila-seca II) participated in the thirteenth edition of the Sustainability Conferences that Ercros has been held since 1999.

Jornadas sostenibilidad Tarragona 2014

The conferences program has been divided into five theoretical and practical sessions, that have had as a driver "Ercros and its environment" and which have covered topics such as sustainability management, quality, prevention and environment.

In this year edition, the conferences have counted with the participation of the Asociación Empresarial Química de Tarragona (AEQT) and the Asociación de empresas de Servicios de Tarragona (AEST) representatives, besides the usual internal speakers, among them managers and technicians of the Complex and Corporation.

These conferences would enhance the professional development of the staff; they also constitute a meeting between employees of the three factories of the Complex and facilitate integration and dialogue, which are representative values of the corporate culture of Ercros.

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