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The Ercros website has been created based on the content accessibility guidelines provided by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), an organisation created by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to inform, investigate and promote work on web accessibility, at level AA.

These requirements are not applicable to PDF and multimedia documents.

At Ercros we continue to work to optimise accessibility to the entire website and to incorporate accessibility criteria in the developments and changes to the page.

The functionalities specified below have been incorporated into this website.


We have verified the combinations of fonts and backgrounds on this website, ensuring that the information is presented in a clear way regardless of these conditions.

Font sizes

This page gives the user complete control over the font sizes applied to their content. To change them, you will need to use your browser's display menu.

Style sheets

This website uses Cascading Style Sheets for the visual presentation of its contents. However, the use of structural tags in its code allows the visualisation and easy comprehension of these contents in those cases in which the user's browser does not accept these style sheets.


All form fields follow a logical tabulation order. Labels have been associated to all fields to facilitate the understanding of the data requested in each case.


This website can be viewed, navigated and used without Javascript.


The text of all links denotes the meaning of these clearly.

If you have any questions or suggestions on accessibility issues, please contact us.