We have a quality management system integrated into the governance of Ercros

Financial year 2023

Quality in figures

The main figures that confirm customer satisfaction 


Volume of conforming products over volume of delivered products


Customer satisfaction surveys conducted


Quality-certified activity


Meetings with suppliers

Bodegón de polioles fabricados en Tortosa

A satisfactory delivery rate of almost 100%

Ercros' quality goal is to satisfy customer requirements and needs by delivering products in accordance with specifications, delivery times and other contractual conditions; and to continuously improve manufacturing processes, end products and the entire supply chain, in order to ensure that there are no complaints from our customers.

A fundamental pillar in achieving this objective is the application of the criterion of excellence in individual work and the requirement for our suppliers and transporters to comply with the same quality requirements that we apply in Ercros. In order to measure the degree of satisfaction of our customers, we carry out periodic surveys and record the complaints we receive through the corresponding indicator.

Evolution of the complaints rate

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We certify our performance

The quality requirements we apply are defined in the sustainability management system and are based on the internationally approved ISO 9001 standard, which is renewed annually after being audited by an external certifying company.

The manufacture and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) complies with the standards described in the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Procedures (GDP), while most APIs are authorised by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration. 

We carry out audits prior to contracting transport companies and require them to obtain the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) certification, which allows, among other things, the evaluation of the quality management of these companies.

Tortosa factory warehouse
Finished goods loading bay
Laboratory in Almussafes
Quality control
Quality control at the plant
Quality control at the plant