Whistleblower channel

The Ercros whistleblower channel for submitting well-founded complaints about breaches of the code of ethical conduct

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Do you wish to file a complaint?

The whistleblower channel is the tool available to Ercros for filing complaints about alleged breaches, founded and significant, of the rules included in the code of ethical conduct that anyone notices within the company, whether exercised by others. people for themselves or for the company.

Complaints submitted through the whistleblower channel are managed by the Ercros compliance committee, which is the body delegated by the audit committee to carry out this function. The audit committee is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality and anonymity of the cases processed.

To guarantee the confidentiality and, where appropriate, the anonymity of the complainant, Ercros uses an external platform (Whistleblower Software), whose function is to receive and process communications between the complainant and the Ercros compliance committee. In such a way that, if the complainant wishes, at no time during the process is there direct contact between the two parties.

Nothing related to the complaint is recorded on the Ercros website since the platform is hosted on secure external servers and is not part of the Ercros website.