Corporate governance

Ercros applies best practices in corporate governance to safeguard investor interest

Transparency and compliance, the foundations of Ercros good governance

Degree of compliance with corporate governance recommendations (in Spanish)

High compliance with good governance practices

The application of good practices in the governance of Ercros contributes to achieving our mission as a company and to safeguarding the interests of our shareholders.

With this in mind, we do not hesitate to anticipate, or even go beyond, compliance with legislation on good governance by adhering to voluntary programmes and codes, such as the CNMV's Code of Good Corporate Governance (CBG).

Our governance practices define a transparent management model, respectful of the correct functioning of the markets and the interests of our shareholders in terms of information confidentiality, insider trading, conflicts of interest, proprietary trading and price manipulation.

At Ercros we look after the interest of the investor

At Ercros we serve the investor's best interests.

Good corporate covernance Index

Aenor has awarded us the certificate of verification of compliance with the Good Corporate Governance Index (GCGI) with its highest classification, G++. This index, which is based on European legal regulations and the CBG, uses the Reputational Good Governance Index methodology created by Villafañe & Asociados and evaluates up to 165 criteria.