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The Company

What is Ercros' corporate form?

Ercros, S.A. is a public limited company, incorporated and registered in Spain, whose shares are listed on the continuous market of the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges.

Its registered office is located at Avda. Diagonal, 593-595, Barcelona.

When was it founded?

Ercros was incorporated on 30 June 1989 as a result of the merger by absorption of S.A. Cros into Unión Explosivos Río Tinto, S.A. (ERT) and absorbed all the assets of both companies.

More information in the Historical Milestones section.

What is its structure?

Ercros, S.A. is the ultimate parent company of several subsidiaries and associates, none of which has significant influence in the consolidated group (together they account for less than 3 % of consolidated revenues).

What are the subsidiary companies?

A list of the subsidiaries and associates included in the consolidated group is available in the Ercros annual report.

Who sits on the Board of Directors?

You will find the composition of the board in the section Board of Directors.

What is Ercros' share capital?

The answers to your questions regarding Ercros' share capital can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Shareholders and Investors menu.

More information can be found in the Share capital section.

Where can I ask my questions about Ercros shares?

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section in the Shareholders and Investors menu where questions about the share are answered.

You can also find more information in the section Share information.

What are the functions of the shareholders' meeting?

These and other answers about the shareholders' meeting can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Shareholders and Investors menu.

More information can be found in the Shareholders' Meeting section.

Ercros' activity

In which business sector does Ercros operate?

Ercros operates in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector and is Spain's leading basic chemicals company.

How many factories does Ercros have and where are they located?

Ercros has 10 factories, all of which are located in Spain (see map). 

The headquarters and offices of the corporation are located in Barcelona (Avda. Diagonal 595, 2nd floor, 08014 Barcelona).

Is it possible to visit Ercros' factories?

Yes, each factory periodically organises open days for different groups.

If you are interested in visiting our facilities, please send us a request in the Contact section.

What are the main products it manufactures?

Ercros manufactures more than 150 chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which are used as raw materials or intermediates in other industries.

Among the most important are caustic soda, chlorine and chlorine derivatives (PVC, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sodium chlorate and chlorite, and TCCA); formaldehyde and its derivatives (paraformaldehyde, resins, moulding powders, pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol); and APIs (fusidic acid, fosfomycins, erythromycins and their salts and derivatives).

More information can be found in the Products section.

Does Ercros sell swimming pool water treatment products?

Yes, the Ercros portfolio has a wide range of products for water treatment and pool care.

Please check the frequently asked questions on swimming pool water treatment products.

In which markets does Ercros operate?

Ercros markets its products both domestically and abroad. The proportion of sales between the two markets is very even and fluctuates depending on the economic situation in each area.

The European Union is the main foreign market, with France, Italy, Portugal and Germany being the priority destinations in this geographical area. It is followed by the rest of the OECD countries, among which Turkey and the USA stand out. In the rest of the world, the main markets are India and China.

The pharmaceuticals division is the business that traditionally sells the most abroad (over 90% of its turnover), followed by the intermediate chemicals division (which exports almost two thirds of its production). In contrast, the main market for the chlorine derivatives division is Spain, although one third of its turnover is obtained abroad.

More information in the Markets section.

How many employees does the company have?

The company has a workforce of around 1,300 people, almost 90% of whom work at the production sites and the remaining 10% in corporate and commercial services.

Around 17% of the workforce are women, most of them in the technical and administrative categories.

More information in the section Working at Ercros.

What is Ercros' R&D performance?

The performance of the R&D department is explained in the Innovation section.

Environmental management

Is Ercros a polluting company?

Concern for ensuring safe facilities and minimising the impact of the activity on the environment is an essential component in the management of Ercros' production centres, and significant economic and technical resources are invested in this.

Ercros applies environmental management systems to ensure compliance with legislation and its voluntary commitments.

What are the certifications that prove the company's sustainability?

This information is available in the section Accreditations and certifications.

Which voluntary agreements does Ercros adhere to?

This information is available in the section Our guiding principles.

Financial information

How can I find out about Ercros' results?

In the Financial Information section of this website.

How often are the results published?

Every quarter, within the legally stipulated periods, Ercros announces the presentation of results in advance in the Investor's Diary.

Can I receive the financial information published by Ercros directly?

Yes, if you are a shareholder of the Company. To do so, you must complete and send the application form.

In any case, Ercros publishes and updates  all the financial information to which it is obliged on this website.