Ercros, appointed CEO of Aitasa


Ercros was appointed CEO of Aguas Industriales de Tarragona, S.A. (Aitasa), on October 1 by the board of directors of this company. Aitasa is mainly dedicated to supplying industrial water to the chemical companies of the Camp de Tarragona through its own distribution network.

The person designated by Ercros to perform this function is Marc Fargas, industrial director of the chlorine derivatives division.

Aitasa also carries out other activities on behalf of the associated companies and under the supervision of the board of directors, such as the coordination and joint monitoring of the Dixquímics and South Zone racks, the management of the joint wastewater emissary of the associated companies and a water reuse service.

The water distribution network of Aitasa departs from the deposits of the Tarragona neighbourhood of Bonavista to the south and north chemical polygon industries. The company also has a chlorinated water distribution network that incorporates a control system and data supply via optical fibre cable that interconnects with the associated companies facilitating communication and control.

Aitasa collaborates with the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (Associació Empresarial Química de Tarragona, AEQT), on safety and environmental issues, and has more than 20 associated companies of which Ercros is the top shareholder.