Ercros dividend rises to EUR 9.6 cents

Shareholders' meeting called for 06-28-2024


The Ercros board of directors has agreed to propose to the shareholders meeting a new dividend payment of EUR 9.6 cents per share, which would be effective on July 10, 2024. The proposed dividend represents a disbursement for the company of EUR 8.78 million, equivalent to 32.7% of the profit obtained by the Company in 2023.

This new proposal improves by 2.6 cents per share the proposal of 7 cents that was initially approved by the board when it formulated the annual accounts for 2023, on February 23, 2024. At said meeting, in accordance with the Ercros shareholder remuneration policy for the last financial year, the board proposed allocating 23.9% of the 2023 result to the payment of dividends and 8.6% to the purchase of treasury shares to amortize. In total a payout of 32.5%.

The board of directors has also decided to propose to the shareholders meeting the renewal of the five directors with an expired mandate: Antonio Zabalza Martí, as executive director; Lourdes Vega Fernández, as independent director; Laureano Roldán Aguilar and Eduardo Sánchez Morrondo, as external directors; and Joan Casas Galofré, as proprietary director.