Ercros obtains 42 million ebitda and 6 million profit

  • In the first nine months of 2023, Ercros has obtained a contribution of EUR 190 million, an ebitda of EUR 42 million and a profit of EUR 6 million.
  • These results have been achieved despite a demand for chemical products that continues to show signs of weakness, with very volatile markets, subject to growing competition and in full downward adjustment of prices and volumes. The drastic increase in energy and raw materials costs that the war in Ukraine caused in 2022 continues to distort the functioning of European economies.
  • Even considering the high level of uncertainty that the industrial sector is experiencing today, we believe it is useful to advance the following forecast for the year 2023: sales of finished products, EUR 710-720 million; contribution, EUR 230-240 million; adjusted ebitda, EUR 45-55 million; and profit, EUR 0-10 million.
  • In any case, Ercros maintains a solid financial situation, with EUR 132 million of liquidity, the company will continue to execute the 3D Plan in order to advance in the decarbonization of its processes and operations, it will maintain its presence in the markets in which it operates and will take advantage of the opportunities that arise to defend its margins.

Profit and loss account for the first nine months of 2023 and 2022