Ercros participates in the MedCap 2023 Forum


Ercros, represented by its general economic-financial manager, Pedro Rodríguez, has participated in the 19th Forum of Mid-Capitalization Companies ("MedCap"), organized by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles ("BME") and held at the Madrid Stock Exchange.

The MedCap Forum is a benchmark event in the sector that brings together European investors and mid- and small-cap companies listed in Spain every year.

During the celebration of said forum, Pedro Rodríguez held “one on one” meetings with eight investment fund managers interested in the company, three of them from foreign countries. These meetings served for investors to deepen their knowledge of Ercros, to include it in their investment portfolios.

In this edition, the Forum included various discussion panels, private meetings, and discovery meetings, which facilitated the relationship between companies, investors, analysts and other prominent personalities in the financial field.