Migration to new business management software

Barcelona, February 2020
El equipo de sistemas de información de Ercros, al frente de este caso de éxito.
The Ercros information systems team at the forefront of this success story.

The migration project to SAP HANA business management software, carried out by Ercros with the support of SAP, has been considered by SAP as a success story among its customers. Ercros was able to complete the migration project in just six months, without interrupting its business operations.

"Ercros completed its software migration project in just six months"

A bridge to improve business management

The business software implemented by Ercros controls a wide range of IT applications that help companies to better manage their processes: from customer management and human resources to supply chain management.

Ercros has SAP Business Suite software, which is operational in all business process areas. The company has migrated this system to the new SAP HANA database environment, which has made it possible to improve the performance of the processes supported in this environment.

Ercros' digital transformation is one of the dimensions of the 3D Strategic Plan. The aim of digitalisation is to improve the company's competitiveness by reducing operating costs, increasing the volume of production and sales, and strengthening customer loyalty. The 11 digitalisation projects contained in the plan will allow for greater management capacity of production, commercial, logistical and administrative processes through automated data management. These projects are aimed at improving the company's entire value chain, with special emphasis on the maintenance, logistics, production and information systems departments.

Digitisation is a priority dimension of the 3D Strategic Plan.