The UN has included us in its dossier of good practices in SDGs

Barcelona, September 2019
Foto ODS
The 17 UN SDGs

Ercros' commitment to the prosperity of people and the sustainability of the planet is aligned with the SDGs.

The SDGs are an initiative promoted by the UN to give continuity to the millennium development agenda. There are 17 goals and 169 targets, including the eradication of poverty, the fight against climate change, access to education, gender equality, environmental protection and the design of cities.

" The UN dossier highlights Ercros' efforts to reduce CO2” emissions"

Goal: to achieve C02 neutrality by 2050

Decarbonisation is a fundamental pillar of our strategy, included in the 3D Plan for the period 2021-2025.

Ercros quantifies its emissions in order to reduce them and minimise their impact. To this end, it applies the ISO 14064 standard on the quantification and declaration of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our factories also carry out actions aimed at minimising the environmental impact of their activities. These include the progressive substitution of fossil fuels for renewable ones, the use of hydrogen generated in the processes as fuel, etc.

Ercros was also one of the companies selected by the UN Global Compact programme for having one of the 101 best business initiatives to contribute to the fight against climate change. These initiatives were presented in 2019 in Madrid, within the framework of the Climate Summit (COP 25).

The business initiatives were presented at the Climate Summit (COP 25) in Madrid.