Ercros begins the staff restructuring negotiations

Ercros has begun today the negotiation process with the workers' representatives to agree on the restructuring of personnel resulting from the closure of the chlorine production plants using mercury technology at the factories in Flix and Vila-seca I, as well as the closure of the Cardona factory that supplies raw materials (sodium chloride) to these plants.

The number of people affected is 132, of which 34 belong to the Cardona factory; 48, to the Tarragona Complex; and 50, to the factory in Flix.

Ercros is in a position to offer relocation in other work centres of the Group to the people affected, since the number of voluntary partial retirement applications received is 145.

The closure of the plants must be carried out before December 11, 2017 in compliance with the European Commission («EC») Implementing Decision, of December 9, 2013 containing the conclusions on the best available technologies («BAT») for the production of chlorine and in which the use of mercury technology is prohibited from the aforementioned date.

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