Ercros extends the Act Plan's investments by 10 million euros

Ercros has increased the amount by EUR 10 million, to EUR 63.7 million, of the actions foreseen in the Plan of adaptation to technological change (“Act Plan”), which covers the period 2016-2020 which is being executed according to the schedule.

The Plan Act defines Ercros' strategy to deal with the technological change resulting from the ban on chlorine production using mercury technology, starting on December 11, 2017, which is the maximum date imposed by the European Union for the cessation of this technology.

The plan also determines investments to expand the chlorine production capacity of plants currently operating with membrane technology, which is considered by European legislation to be the best available technology (“BAT”) and is therefore not affected by prohibition.

The increase in the cost of the plan is due to the greater increase in chlorine production capacity with membrane technology at the Vila-seca I plant, to complete the 120,000 t/year contemplated in the integrated environmental authorization, due to the best market prospects.

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