Ercros foresees a profit of 17 million euros in the first half-year

Ercros plans to obtain an ebitda of 33 million euros and a profit of 17 million euros in the first six months of 2016. This forecast doubles the ebitda and more than triples the profit in the first half of 2015.

The estimation of the company has been made based on April closed results and market visibility of the rest of the second quarter. April, with an ebitda of 6.40 million euros and a profit of 3.81 million euros, has confirmed the strength of the improvement that began in the year 2015 and the good results of the first quarter of 2016. Moreover, visibility offered by the economic environment of the markets in which Ercros operates, in terms of commodity prices, exchange rates and turnover, strengthens the certainty of the forecast for the remainder of the semester. 

This forecast is relevant to the market as confirms that the economic situation of the company is consistent with the investment plan dimension released last May 10. The implementation of the plan will consolidate the position that Ercros has held for the last two decades as the first Spanish chlorine producer with membrane technology, the plan will provide larger production capacity to the existing facilities and will make them more efficient and profitable.

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