Ercros has completed the expansion of the chlorine-caustic soda plant in Vila-seca I

Company activity

According to the Act Plan announced by Ercros, the company has completed the third expansion of the capacity of the chlorine and caustic soda production plant at the Vila-seca I factory, with the starting up of a new electrolyzer that expands the capacity of the plant by another 26,000 t/year.

After this expansion, Ercros total chlorine production capacity is 217,000 t/year (172,000 t/year at the Vila-seca I factory and 45,000 t/year at the Sabiñánigo factory), which consolidates the company as the first Spanish and ninth European manufacturer of chlorine and caustic soda.

With the three extensions carried out between 2017 and 2019, Ercros’ real chlorine and caustic soda production has recovered the level it had before the cessation of mercury technology, following the European ban on using mercury in the chlor-alkali plants. Currently, Ercros manufactures all the chlorine and caustic soda using membrane technology, which is considered the best available technology (BAT).

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