Ercros exhibited as a success story with the implementation of innovative sensors


Within the framework of the Ercros project for the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), included in the Plan 3D strategic plan, the company has acquired wireless sensors that are powered by waste heat instead of traditional batteries. In this way, Ercros takes a new step towards the digitalisation of its activity while optimizing the energy performance of its facilities.

These sensors consist of a feeder that is attached to a pipe to absorb the heat it gives off and transform it into electrical energy so that the sensor can capture the data and the communication node transmits it to the plant control.

Prior to the acquisition, Ercros together with the manufacturer of these sensors, AEInnova, based in Terrassa (Barcelona), carried out pilot tests in the Cerdanyola and Vila-seca I factories. The new sensors acquired will be installed in other Ercros factories to continue testing this control system.

The implantation of sensors in rotating machines, such as motors or pumps, will help to improve maintenance management at Ercros by prioritizing predictive maintenance, through which, based on a large number of data, it is possible to know the exact state of the installation and anticipate its real need for maintenance, on the preventive system, by which the maintenance of a facility is scheduled mainly based on operating time.

Ercros' experience has been exhibited as a success story at the Barcelona City Council stand at the Iot Solutions World Congress, which was held in this town as part of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) fair, the largest event in the world of the audio-visual and integration systems sector.