Ercros in favor of increasing truck capacity to 44 t

Ercros in favor of increasing truck capacity to 44 t
Manuel Arce, first from the right, at the beginning of the talk on tank transport

Manuel Arce, director of comprehensive logistics at Ercros, has participated in a round table on the authorization to increase from 40 to 44 tons, the maximum mass authorized for transport, within the framework of the National Congress of Tanker Transport Entrepreneurs held in Madrid.

In his speech, Manuel Arce defended the importance of the immediate entry into force of this measure, which was initially scheduled for 2022, since its delay is delaying the environmental improvements that would mean reducing the figure of vehicles in circulation. Furthermore, as it is a measure already applied in other European countries, it is reducing the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

In his participation, the logistics director of Ercros emphasized the need to extend the increase in truck capacity also to the transport of dangerous goods and that it be applicable to the national and international scope. According to Arce, the entry into force of this regulation should not be conditional on the use of electric or hydrogen vehicles and should include the use of eco-fuels that will allow the current combustion engines to be maintained and achieve the environmental improvements sought.

Also participating in the round table were Alberto Ramírez, president of CETM-Cisternas; Carmelo González, president of the National Road Transportation Committee; Jaime Moreno, general director of transport of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; and Jesús Bouzas, director of Dairy Derivatives at Prolactea.