Ercros, in a panel on the challenges of trade relations

Barcelona ,

Mónica Viloria, head of transport and foreign trade at Ercros, participated in the round table "Mediterranean: the emerging cooperation triangle between Europe - Asia - Africa" held within the framework of the 24th International Logistics Exhibition ("SIL") held in Barcelona.  

The round table, organised by the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry ('Ascame'), was attended by experts in transport and logistics, who discussed the current situation and future challenges of trade between the countries of the Mediterranean arc with Europe, Asia and Africa.

In her speech, Mónica Viloria explained the difficulties faced by the transport of goods worldwide as a result of the situations experienced in recent years, which led to skyrocketing prices after the pandemic and that after normalizing, they have increased again as a result of the conflict in the Red Sea.  In addition to causing an increase in transit times. This situation should lead companies to think about relocating companies to reduce supply uncertainty.

Viloria has also advanced the guidelines of the new European regulations on the control and reduction of CO2 emissions in freight transport, something that Ercros has already been doing since 2019.

Ercros sells its products to 1,500 customers in 93 countries and depending on the type of goods and the distance, it uses sea, rail, road or air transport. In 2023, the improvements introduced in the transport of these goods allowed Ercros to avoid the generation of around 1,300 tonnes of CO2, due to the reduction of more than 2.2 million kilometres travelled.