Ercros, present at the pharmacy fair CPHI in Barcelona


Ercros will participate once again in a new edition of the international pharmacy fair CPHI, which will be held in Barcelona from October 24 to 26. At this fair, Ercros will present its portfolio of active ingredients, especially the new antibiotics gentamycin and vancomycin.

The manufacturing of gentamycin and vancomycin, which has been designed by the R&D department of the Ercros pharmaceuticals division, is carried out in a new, recently built plant.

At the end of 2022, the division began the sale of other new products: erythromycin dihydrate, micronized famotidine, sterile fosfomycin with citric and sterile fusidic acid. Throughout this year, the company has activated commercial actions to boost the sale of these products and has opened the division's portfolio to new sales channels in countries where it was not present.

The Ercros pharmaceuticals division, located in Aranjuez, is dedicated to the manufacture of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and raw materials, mainly antibiotics and, to a lesser extent, anti-hypertensive and anti-ulcer drugs, through a biological fermentation process, but also by chemical synthesis and sterilization.

All APIs produced by Ercros are authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and most of them also by the FDA, the US agency for the administration and sale of medicines. These accreditations allow medicines to be sold in the most demanding markets in the world.