Ercros presents its biopolymers to the IQS Master in Packaging Management


The head of sales of Ercros biopolymers, Domingo Font, has presented this said to the ErcrosBio range to an open class of the Master in Packaging Management taught by the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS), at the Comillas University of Madrid.

The ErcrosBio range is made up of biopolymers, biodegradable and manufactured from renewable natural sources which, due to their several technical properties, sustainable quality forest and low carbon-degraded forest, may eventually replace the most dense plastics on the market.

As a novelty, Domingo Font has presented ErcrosBio PH, based on polyhydroxyalkanoats (PHA), produced directly by fermentation of sugars and lipids mitigating Gram-negative bacteria (intercellularly).

The main interest of ErcrosBio PH is its ability to biodegrade in sweet or salty water, a characteristic that allows it to rain against marine debris. It is also compostable at home, in line with the most demanding European legislation.

Specifically, ErcrosBio PH is used in those applications that require rapid and easy degradability, both aerobic and anaerobic: objects from the sun, food and non-food packaging; textile uses with the production of fiber for non-woven fabric, spinning and textiles; medical and surgical uses.