Ercros will participate in the design of a bio-based polymer production process

The company will collaborate with CSIC and CENER

  • These polymers stand out by their high susceptibility to biodegradation in the environment and are useful for short and long-term applications.
  • Achieving a production bioprocess is key to having sustainable and renewable polymers that allow to progress towards the circular economy.


Ercros has reached an agreement with the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) and the National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER - Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) to design the technology of a bioprocess to produce bacterial polymers, from the investigation of biological raw materials to the production in pilot plant.  

These biopolymers will be useful for short and long-term uses and will be used in industrial sectors as diverse as packaging, agriculture and cosmetics, and in applications where high susceptibility to biodegradation in the environment and domestic and industrial compostability   is required, and, consequently, that they move towards a circular economy.

The new technology will lower the production costs of biopolymers by having a more efficient, more sustainable process (since it uses raw materials with a low carbon footprint) and which provides advantages derived from the performance of the materials.

The results of this joint research are expected to be the starting point of a technology for the industrial production of these innovative sustainable polymers.