Ercros will present its new range of antibiotics at the CPHI fair

From November 1 to 3 at the Frankfurt Fair | Booth #120C31


Ercros will participate once again in a new edition of the CPhI international pharmaceutical ingredients fair that will be held in Frankfurt from November 1 to 3. In addition to the current portfolio of active ingredients, this year we will present the imminent incorporation of gentamycin and vancomycin. Two antibiotics with a long history in the international market, but with a significant opportunity in the global context.

The manufacturing process of these products has been fine-tuned by the R&D department of the Ercros pharmaceuticals division, within the framework of the construction of a new extraction plant for manufacturing by fermentation. The aforementioned plant will come into operation in the last quarter of 2022.

Gentamycin sulphate is an effective antibiotic for the treatment of serious lung, skin, blood, eye, or meningitis infections. Gentamycin has applications in human and veterinary medicine.

Vancomycin hydrochloride is an effective antibiotic for treating severe and resistant staphylococcal infections; it is indicated for the treatment of meningitis, peritonitis, septicaemia or colitis.

The Ercros pharmaceuticals division is dedicated to the manufacture of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), mainly antibiotics and, to a lesser extent, anti-hypertensive and anti-ulcer agents. The activity focuses on the biological manufacture of APIs by fermentation, but the division also produces APIs by chemical synthesis and sterile products, highly complex processes that make Ercros the world leader in its area of ​​specialization.

All the APIs that Ercros produces are authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and most of them also by the FDA, the agency for the administration and sale of medicines in the US; these accreditations allow medicines to be sold in the most demanding markets in the world.