Gas Ibérica, the first company to settle on Flix

Gas Ibérica, the first company to settle on the grounds of the Ercros factory in Flix in the framework of its reindustrialization
The contract has been signed, on behalf of Ercros, by Marc Fargas Mas, industrial director of the chlorine derivatives division and, on behalf of Gas Ibérica, by Gilles Minier, sole administrator of the company.

Within the framework of the Flix Reindustrialization Plan, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the City Council of Flix and Ercros, the latter has signed a contract with the Grupo Gas Ibérica, belonging to the French consortium Gazechim, for which this company will be installed inside of the Flix factory enclosure in order to carry out packaging activities and storage of refrigerant fluids and gaseous products.

Ercros will facilitate general services, such as water supply, internal and external surveillance, entry and exits of people and vehicles, parking, locker room and health services.