The new sodium chlorite plant, fully operational


Ercros has completed the commissioning of the new sodium chlorite production plant at its Sabiñánigo factory, which is one of the projects in the diversification dimension of the 3D Plan. With this action, the company expands to three the sodium chlorite manufacturing plants available and doubles his production capacity. In this way, Ercros is configured as the largest manufacturer in Europe of this product and with sufficient capacity to satisfy the growing demand in the world market for sodium chlorite, strengthening its presence in international markets. Currently, more than 75% of the sales of this product are already destined for the foreign market.

Sodium chlorite is the best biocide alternative to make drinkable water from desalination plants, since it doesn’t interact with bromide (a substance significantly present in seawater) better quality water is obtained.

This product is also used to treat industrial and urban wastewater due to its powerful oxidizing, bactericidal and viricidal effect; to bleach fibres; and in the processes of the food industry, for its disinfectant qualities.

The new plant, which has been developed with proprietary technology, is fully integrated with other factory production processes, a fact that favours energy efficiency and the circular economy.

The 3D Plan is the strategic plan launched by Ercros, which seeks to advance sustainability and is based on three dimensions: diversification, digitalisation and decarbonisation. The plan contains 20 large projects and its temporal scope is from 2021 to 2029.

In addition to sodium chlorite, the Sabiñánigo factory also produces chlorine, caustic soda and the chlorinated derivatives sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid; tablets for the treatment of swimming pool water; sodium chlorate; and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.