Starts up a new gas treatment plant


Ercros has launched a new plant for the recovery and treatment of gaseous emissions in the production process of the PVC chain at the Vila-seca II factory (Tarragona).

The new thermal oxidation technology plant, which has cost 8 million euros, replaces the old catalytic oxidation technology plant and involves the implementation of the best available technology (BAT) to treat the gases resulting from the PVC process and reduce the emissions.

This new plant also entails an improvement in energy efficiency, since the heat from the gases emitted is used to produce steam that is used as an energy source in other plants of the factory. Additionally, from the suitably treated gases, hydrochloric acid is obtained for internal consumption.

This action is part of the package of measures to combat climate change that Ercros is implementing in several plants, consisting of the implementation of technical and operational improvements that allow the use of residual energy from the heat flows and hydrogen generated by the production processes to reduce the consumption of natural gas and, consequently, reduce CO2 emissions.

The Vila-seca II factory is dedicated to the manufacture of PVC and employs around 160 people. It is part of the industrial complex that Ercros has in Tarragona and operates in the chlorine derivatives division.