Authorization of the Autoridade da Concorrência of the Bondalti's takeover bid

Shareholder capital

In relation to the request for authorization of the voluntary public offer to acquire shares (the “Offer”), formulated by the Offeror for all the shares of Ercros, S.A., presented and published as privileged information on March 5, 2024 , which was admitted for processing by the CNMV on March 20, 2024, it's stated that the Portuguese competition authority “Autoridade da Concorrência” (“AdC”) has adopted, on June 27, 2024, the decision to no opposition to the concentration that will give rise to the settlement of the Offer, without conditions.

As a consequence of the above, the authorization condition provided for in section 10(ii) of the request for authorization of the Offer mentioned above (“Necessary authorizations – Defense of competition”), has been met with regard to the AdC.

Likewise, it is reported that the remaining authorizations required for the Offer continue to be processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

Ercros guarantees that the relevant facts contained on this page correspond exactly to those sent by the Company to the CNMV, and disseminated by it to the market. The facts prior to those included in this section are available on the CNMV website.

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