Ercros informs about the purchase of 75,500 treasury shares

Shareholder capital

As a continuation of relevant information number 16,755 published on June 10, 2022, the Company informs that, under the seventh repurchase program of its own shares to be redeemed, during the period between July 4 and 12, 2022, has carried out the purchase of 75.500 own shares, according to the following breakdown.

Currently, the Company owns a total of 4,524,548 treasury shares representing 4.48% of the share capital, of which 4,372,048 (4.33%) correspond to shares in the redemption process after the execution of the agreement of capital reduction approved by the general meeting of shareholders on June 10, 2022, and 152,500 (0.15%) correspond to the shares acquired within the framework of the seventh treasury share repurchase program for redemption charged to the 2022 pay-out.


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