Statement of the results for the nine months of 2022

Financial information

Ercros' profit almost doubles that of the 9M 2022

  • Adjusted ebitda of 9M22 was EUR 88.12 million, 43.8% higher than that obtained in 9M21.
  • The 9M22 profit amounted to EUR 50.52 million, 93.1% higher than that obtained in 9M21.
  • Finished product sales in 9M22 amounted to EUR 774.17 million, 40.4% higher than in 9M21.
  • As of 30 September 2022, Ercros' liquidity amounted to EUR 138.62 million, of which EUR 49.21 million was cash and EUR 89.41 million was undrawn credit lines.
  • The forecast for 2022 is as follows: adjusted ebitda, EUR 100-115 million; profit, EUR 55-70 million; sales of finished products, EUR 950-1,000 million; and contribution, EUR 280-310 million.


Income statements for the 2022 and 2021 nine months


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Financial information