Aranjuez celebrates a breast cancer prevention journey


On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day to Fight Breast Cancer, the Ercros factory in Aranjuez carried out some actions aimed at raising awareness and promoting early detection of this disease.

Leaflets on the early detection of breast cancer were distributed to all workers, staff of contracted companies and visitors. Badges with the pink ribbon that the staff wore in solidarity with the affected women were also offered.

Three self-examination workshops were also held for the early detection of this disease, taught by the center's doctor, Sonia Arauzo. More than 75 people participated in the workshops, including Aranjuez workers, contract staff, family members, partners and friends.

The attendees were given as a gift a gel dispensing sponge, with a small hardness inside that imitates the feel of a tumor. The use of this sponge allows you to train touch and improves self-detection of abnormalities in the breast.