The Aranjuez police awards Ercros the civil excellence diploma


The police distinctions commission of the City Council of Aranjuez has awarded the Aranjuez Ercros factory the diploma to the civil excellence for its citizen commitment during the covid-19 pandemic.

The delivery act of the distinctions for meritorious actions in the field of citizen protection granted annually by the City Council of Aranjuez has taken place today at the headquarters of the police station, coinciding with the commemorative onomastics of the patron saint of the Local Police of Aranjuez. The distinctions have been delivered by the mayor of Aranjuez, Mª José Martínez. On behalf of Ercros, has collected the recognition, the manager of the pharmaceuticals division, Mª Carmen Cruzado.

The City Council of Aranjuez delivers the diplomas to civil excellence in recognition of institutions, associations, companies or people who have excelled in the fields of safety or prevention, and social and health care.

The management of the pandemic carried out by Ercros had already received recognition from the Catalan employers' association, Foment del Treball, when it was a finalist of the Atlante Awards in the category of occupational medicine.

The Ercros factory in Aranjuez forms the pharmaceuticals division. This center is intended to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), mainly from the family of antibiotics. The factory directly employs 211 people and had a turnover of 51 million euros in 2021 million. 92% of sales went to export, mainly to the US, EU, Middle East, and North Africa.