Archaeologists visit the lands of Cardona to study its salt mine


A group of archaeologists, experts in the Neolithic, have visited the grounds of the old factory of Ercros in Cardona, where one of the oldest opencast salt mining sites in the world is located.

This visit is part of the celebration in Cardona and Solsona of the congress "The Middle Neolithic of Catalonia", which brought together the main experts on the subject. One of the key themes of the meeting was the study of prehistoric salt exploitation in Cardona; for this reason, the attendees took a guided tour of the Vall Salina, the site located on Ercros land whose exploitation has been documented for 6,200 years.

The organizers of the congress, the Diocesan and County Museum of Solsona, the Research Institute on the Culture of Cardona and the Group of Prehistory of Solsonès, thanked the company for its collaboration so that the visit could be carried out.