Cerdanyola collaborates with a donation in the Red Cross toy drive

La fábrica de Ercros en Cerdanyola colabora con una donación en la campaña de juguetes de la Cruz Roja
César Martínez, coordinator of the Red Cross Assembly together with Àngel Domínguez, head of industrial relations of the center

The Ercros factory in Cerdanyola has made an economic donation to the “No child without a toy” campaign of the Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada Red Cross, which will help all the kids of these towns to receive the expected gifts.

César Martínez, coordinator of the Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada Red Cross Assembly, has visited the Ercros factory to receive the donation from Àngel Domínguez, the centre’s head of industrial relations. The Red Cross representative thanked the company for its collaboration in this solidarity campaign.