The Cerdanyola factory receives a visit from Casa de Aragón


The Ercros factory in Cerdanyola was visited by representatives of the Casa de Aragón in this town, who took a tour of the interior of its facilities, paying special attention to the new control room.

For their part, the workers at the Barcelona plant reinforced their training in prevention with an occupational risk prevention course, in which the operation of the defibrillator installed in the factory was explained, a postural hygiene workshop was held, and risk assessments.

In addition, the head of laboratory, development and technical assistance at the Cerdanyola factory, Ramón Jane, and the head of industrial relations at the same center, Àngel Domínguez, recently visited the Cerdanyola particle accelerator, known as the "Alba synchrotron" or " light laboratory. During their visit they were able to see how the synchrotron works and learn about its main industrial applications.