CIT workers donate 7,000 kg of food for those affected by COVID-19


The workers of the Ercros industrial complex in Tarragona (which include the factories of Vila-seca I, Vila-seca II, Tarragona and the integral logistics department) have made a donation of 7,000 kilos of food to the food bank of Vila-seca, of which 6,100 kilos have been directly contributed by the workers and the remaining 900 by the company itself.

This initiative of the workers of the complex of Tarragona, which has comptat with the support of the three company committees of the complex, is a show of solidarity with the vulnerable families of the territory that have been affected by the economic crisis as a consequence of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

The commitment of the workers has been excellent: the campaign has counted on 80% of the workforce, who have donated voluntary support to this initiative.