Diversification and flexibility, Ercros’ tools to mitigate the effects of covid-19

  • Despite the stoppage of activity and the fall in prices, demand was resilient in the first quarter.
  • Raw materials fell 22%.
  • The contribution margin to sales ratio increased 3 percentage points compared to Q1 2019.
  • Ercros renewed the syndicated facility agreement.

General framework

Ercros is showing significant resilience to the effects the covid-19 pandemic is having on economic activity in the industrialised world. Since the start, the company has taken measures of a hygienic, organisational, operational, supply and logistical nature, for the dual purpose of mitigating possible consequences on people’s health and maintaining its productive activity.

The measures taken by Ercros ‒in its capacity as a critical operator and provider of essential services‒ have helped to ensure that the incidence of the disease among staff has not been significant and to guarantee the supply of the products required by its customers at all times.

The demand for chemical products involved in the manufacture of disinfectants, detergents and pharmaceutical products has increased by sector, while demand for products related to the automotive, construction, furniture or swimming pool water treatment industries has weakened due to the temporary reduction or discontinuation of activity by some customers.

The investments made over the last four years ‒within the framework of the industrial modernisation and production capacity expansion plan‒ have given Ercros greater agility and flexibility to adjust its production and adapt it more easily and efficiently to fluctuations in demand.