Environmental expert scientists visit the Cerdanyola factory

Environmental experts visit Cerdanyola
Visitors from Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine

The Ercros factory in Cerdanyola has received a visit from an international group of researchers promoted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Aeris environmental engineering. The scientists, from countries in the Mediterranean arch (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine) are part of the Nex-Labs Project, led by the UAB, which aims to study solutions for management of the water

The director of the factory, Ramón Jané, the assistant director, Fernando Burgueño, and the head of quality, environment and laboratory, Amadeu Ricart, received the visitors. The researchers were able to learn about the biotechnological applications of the factory's environmental management and, in particular, the operation of the bioscrubber, the gas treatment plant.

The Cerdanyola factory belongs to Ercros intermediate chemicals division and produces, to customer specifications, more than 250 types of moulding compounds used to manufacture electrical equipment (switches and plugs); toilet covers and seats, and toilet accessories; crockery and trays; caps for the cosmetic and perfume industry; buttons; billiard balls; etc.

The centre has recently been recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya for its adherence to the Program of voluntary agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).