Ercros adheres to the RE4Industry project


Ercros has joined the RE4Industry project, entitled "100% renewable energy for electro-intensive industries", which is a proposed action to support the program "Building a future with low carbon emissions and resilient to climate change: with safe, clean and efficient" included in the European framework Horizon 2020. The project will be presented to the European Commission and, if approved, it will be executed between 2020 and 2023.

This project, which is coordinated by the Center for Research on Energy Resources and Consumption ("Circe") of Zaragoza, aims to provide the European electro-intensive sector with a smooth transition to the adoption of renewable energies in its production processes; It is made up of various partners, from different countries in southern, eastern, central and northern Europe and seeks to incorporate pan-European industries and sectoral organisations.

Ercros considers that the RE4Industry project is well designed to promote changes that allow progress towards full decarbonization in 2050, through already available alternatives, such as biomass, bioenergy carriers, solar thermal energy and geothermal energy, which allow replacing fossil fuel based processes.