Ercros and the City Council of Flix give a new impetus to Colonia


Ercros and the City Council of Flix (Tarragona) signed today several agreements among which stands out the collaboration agreement about the comprehensive intervention project in the neighborhood of Colonia of the factory and a new agreement under which Ercros makes an economic contribution to the City Council. This amount contributes to the proper functioning of the Natural Reserve of Sebes, the local school and the local nursery.

The Colonia of the factory is a neighborhood property of Ercros, about 14 hectares, that is located next to production plants and contains a series of buildings and spaces of great historical, architectural and sentimental value for the people of Flix.

According to the signed agreement, Ercros will freely transfer to the City Council a set of roads and leisure spaces located in this neighborhood, in order that the City Council may perform improvement actions and may affect these spaces to public use or service, with a cost of about 2.25 million euros. Ercros is committed to contribute gradually up to 786.588 euros, as the work is carried out. This amount is the part that corresponds to satisfy to the City Council. The rest corresponds to a subsidy granted by the Department of Territory and Sustainability within the framework of the Neighborhood Law. All actions must be completed before December 31, 2020.

Since its implantation in Flix, in 1897, the interaction between Ercros and the local community, through the City Council, materialized through different activities and areas, has been very intense. This close collaboration has led to the signing of various agreements that have been renewed and updated over time.