Ercros and the UB agree to carry out an archaeological site on the Flix factory

Ercros and the UB agree to carry out an archaeological intervention on the Flix land
Images of the first archaeological intervention carried out in 2019 (Source: UB)

Ercros and the University of Barcelona ("UB") have signed an agreement to carry out a new archaeological intervention in Flix, specifically on a land known as "chloratite". A chlorinated explosives plant was built in this area in 1923 and fell into disuse after the Civil War.

Jaime Molina, director of the Ercros factory in Flix, and Queralt Solé, professor of the contemporary history department at the UB’s Faculty of Geography and History, were in charge of formalizing the agreement. An agreement that will allow to renew a project started in 2019 and that aims to investigate and make known the industrial past of the area.

This summer, a group of UB students will be in charge of carrying out the new archaeological excavations as part of the regulated practices for the degree in archaeology they are studying.

The Flix factory was founded in 1899 and belongs to the Ercros chlorine derivatives division. It currently employs about 50 people and is dedicated to the production of dicalcium phosphate, a product that is used to make animal feed.