Ercros celebrates the XVI Conference on Sustainability of the TIC


Ercros has held during the months of October and November the XVI Sustainability Conference of the Tarragona industrial complex, 5 working days that have been held in the Pòsit de Pescadors at the Serrallo neighbourhood in Tarragona and in which 80% of the 321 workers in the complex have attended in shifts as well as guests of the Ercros corporation.

The transmission of knowledge regarding sustainability is the main objective of these meetings; the workers attend talks about quality, environment, technical and health prevention, energy and compliance with the code of ethics.

The conference is also a good meeting point for the staff of the complex outside the workplace, thus favouring information, integration and dialogue that are key values ​​in Ercros' company culture.

Joan Miquel Capdevila, director of the Tarragona industrial complex inaugurated and closed the conference; while technicians and managers of the different departments of the complex and members of the Ercros corporation compliance committee, were in charge of the presentations. During the conference the prize for the best presentation presented by a worker was also delivered, an award that Daniel Ruiz received from the Ercros general director of business, Agustín Franco.