Ercros collaborates with the CSIC in a study on the degradation of plastics

Specifically, the study addresses the behavior of plastics in high mountain rivers


Ercros and the Spanish National Research Council ("CSIC") have signed a collaboration agreement to study the degradation of plastics in mountain rivers. The study will compare the behavior of different materials placed on the ground, as well as submerged in river water, such as litter and plastics of fossil origin, and biodegradable plant-based biopolymers from the ErcrosBio range.

The study is being carried out in rivers and in the fluvial environment of the Les Capçaleres del Ter i el Freser natural park, in the area of influence of the Vallter 2000 ski resort (Setcases, Girona). This study is part of the Plastic0pyr project, an ambitious project whose objective is to sustainably prevent the accumulation of plastics in mountainous environments. To this end, an analysis of the life cycle of plastics will be carried out, among other actions. The study has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and has the participation of Spanish and French entities.

Ercros brings different plastics to the project, including its biopolymers, as well as its knowledge of the characteristics and behavior of these materials; some materials that will be subjected, predictably, throughout an annual cycle to different environmental conditions of light and temperature with the aim of analyzing their weight loss and change in structure. On behalf of Ercros, the plastics R&D team is participating in the project.