Ercros collaborates with the Juanjo Torrejón foundation from Aranjuez

Ercros ha firmado un convenio de colaboración con la Fundación Juanjo Torrejón de Aranjuez para dotar con equipos informáticos sus nuevas aulas de formación.
Ignacio Ledesma has been in charge of signing the collaboration agreement

Ercros has signed a collaboration agreement with the Juanjo Torrejón Foundation from Aranjuez to equip its new training rooms with computer equipment. The foundation has been dedicated, since 2006, to school support for kids and teenagers in complex family environments, to the implementation of employment programs, to the reception of immigrants or to support in crisis situations.

Ignacio Ledesma, head of human resources and legal advice of the pharmaceuticals division, has been in charge of signing the collaboration agreement between Ercros and the foundation.

The objective of the employment programs of the Juanjo Torrejón Foundation, whose computer equipment Ercros has donated, is to promote the social and labour insertion of people in vulnerable situations, carrying out individualized projects and mediating with potential public or private employers.

Through the foundation's website ( you can obtain more information about its activities and join its work of training people in vulnerable situations.