The Ercros factory in Aranjuez celebrates its 75th anniversary

The City Council will change the name of the roundabout near the centre to “Glorieta de la Fábrica de la Penicilina”

Aranjuez ,

The Ercros factory in Aranjuez celebrates this year the 75th anniversary of its foundation, for this reason and to celebrate the anniversary the City Council of said town has decided to rename the roundabout that gives access to the centre as “Glorieta de la Fábrica de la Penicilina”. Likewise, Ercros is preparing an open day at the factory for family and friends, as well as the inauguration of the new extraction plant to manufacture new antibiotics (vancomycin and gentamycin) on an industrial scale and make a more efficient and sustainable extraction of the already existing (erythromycin and erythromycin salts).

The Aranjuez factory forms the pharmaceuticals division of Ercros and was founded in 1949, when it became the first Spanish company to manufacture penicillin. Since then, it has not ceased to expand its production capacity and its product catalogue, achieve higher quality and improve the environmental performance and safety of its facilities, with a disbursement of more than 55 million euros in the last 15 years.

Today in Aranjuez, Ercros manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), mainly in the field of antibiotics and, to a lesser extent, antiulcer and antihypertensive drugs. It also produces active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates tailored to the client. It is the first European producer of erythromycin, the second in the world of fusidic acid and the third of fosfomycin. It exports 93% of its sales to the EU, USA, Middle East and North Africa, mainly.

The factory has three multipurpose synthesis and fermentation plants, a production and mixing plant for sterile products, and a laboratory and R&D centre. The global production capacity of the factory is about 430,000 kg/year. Its staff is made up of more than 200 people.

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