Ercros gives a conference on the health and safety management model


The person in charge of Technical Prevention of the Ercros industrial complex in Tarragona, Fernando Burgueño, gave a conference at the Comte de Rius Institute, located in the same town, on the management model in the field of occupational health and safety that has allowed us to achieve 20 years without accidents with leave at the Tarragona factory.

The presentation, addressed to students and teachers in the field of chemistry, consisted of two parts: the first, focused on the characteristics of Ercros and the types of products it manufactures; and the second, on the main lines of the health and safety management system implemented and based on OHSAS 18001.

The guidelines of the system applied in the Tarragona factory allow accident rates to be below the sector and basically consist of creating a solid base in terms of defining standards, through procedures and instructions; constant review, through audits and inspections; a good transmission of information both transversally and ascending and descending, and an analysis of the incidents that allow us to learn from what happened.

Finally, he explained that, although a good execution of these actions is basic, the key to achieving 20 years without accidents is the correct integration of prevention at all levels of the factory, so that employees internalize the concepts and are transferred to the scope of daily work impeccably.