Ercros has given to Flix the last spaces of the Factory colony


On January 10, the mayor of Flix, Francesc Barbero, and the director of the Ercros factory in this town, Jaime Molina, signed an agreement by which Ercros gives to the City council of Flix two plots of his property, the upper section of Avenida Francesc A. Ripoll of 722 m2 and the space where the old 2,641 m2 playground was located.

The City Council undertakes to allocate the given spaces to build roads, facilities and spaces for public services.

This agreement culminates the collaboration agreement in relation to the comprehensive intervention project of the Colony neighborhood of the Flix factory within the framework of the Law of Neighborhoods, between Ercros and the City council of Flix.

By virtue of this agreement, which was signed in 2012 and renovated in 2019, in addition to the aforementioned spaces Ercros has given also the sports area of the new barracks, Molí street, Dr. Stroof street, Riba-roja Avenue, the lower section of  Francesc A. Ripoll Avenue, Albert Quintana Street and Flix Avenue.

On the same day, the director of the Ercros factory in Flix and the mayor of this town signed a second agreement renewing the sponsorship of Ercros in the Management Plan of Sebes,  the Municipal School of Music and the Municipal Nursery School for the year 2022.